Meet Our Chef

Meet Our Chef

Timothy Bannerman

Maison Paul Head Chef Timothy Bannerman

Hello there, as Maison Paul continue to grow I felt now was the right time to introduce myself and share my background with you.

A cultural journey begins

My culinary journey began at Centre De Formation Pour Adultes in Cergy France in 1999 where I cultivated my passion for the trade, refined my skills and learnt the importance of providing an excellent service. In this time I earned a certificate in cooking (Certificate D’Aptitudes Professionalles.)  As part of the course I was able to gain work experience at prestigious places such as Palais Des Gourmets in Persan Beaumont France.

I moved on in the year 2000 and spent three years working on my General Vocational Certificate (Certificate De Formations Generale) at Centre De Formation Pour Adultes in Arnouville France. The training there allowed me to broaden my expertise as I ventured into other aspects of the catering industry with placements at places such as Societe Nouvelle Dollayou alongside the internal training program.

New insights

By then, my new found insight into the art of dessert making opened doors for further training in pastry and in the space of a year (between 2004 and 2005)I underwent extensive pastry training specialising in ice cream and chocolate making. Alongside my work at Palais De Gourmets in Persan Beaumont France, I got to work at Dome du Marais in Paris and all of these experiences instilled finesse, skill and attention to detail which transcends into all aspects of my life. As a result of this I find that professionalism, team work, punctuality and showing initiative are important and I endeavour to implement them at every given chance with every establishment I’m affiliated with.

Amidst all this training and pursuing my passion, I’ve always had an interest in philanthropy. This led me take a year out between 2003 and 2004 and work as a voluntary cook and waiter for Ellel ministry in Penvensay Sussex. UK. As well as a chance for soul searching I was also able to leave the comforts and familiarity of France and venture out into England. This put my communication skills to the test and solidified my English which among other languages including Ghanaian Twi and of course French I am fluent.

Returning to France

I returned to France with my new found focus and confidence and embarked on the aforementioned pastry course. After I finished my pastry course, I joined a team of 30 as a Chef de Partie and all round cook at Dollayou in Collombes France for an exclusive catering team. As a team we got to work on functions for the elite of France including celebrities and French government officials with chances to work at places such as Chateau Versailles. An opportunity arose to join a team of four at Kaiser Pertin Ducasse in Paris which I took. Working with such a small team a higher level of skill, excellence and efficiency was required of me and I also got the chance to explore Traditional French cuisine.

In September of 2006 I moved to England permanently in an effort to broaden my horizon and I got a job as a Chef de Partie at the Crown Hotel in Amersham which saw me through to February 2007 when a post in Taplow, Berkshire opened up at Cliveden house.

My goal is to help make Maison Paul one of the finest eateries in Hertfordshire.

Here I got to explore English cuisine served with high standards with presentation and quality at the core of my work. In a rippling effect, job opportunities with prestigious companies such as the Angler Macdonald Hotel Group opened up leading me to advance on my kitchen ranking. By then I was working as a Senior Chef de Partie and Saucier at The Grove in Hertfordshire which is a five star hotel with different kinds of restaurant functioning within the hotel. I was able to explore my leadership skills and the art of sauce making.

I advanced further and took up the position of a Junior Sous Chef at St Michael’s Manor in St Albans Hertfordshire. Here I was able to grow as a leader and take on the next Junior Sous Chef post that arose which was at Mansion House from August 2010 till 2013 . There I was able to concentrate on sauce making and also accept more responsibility in the kitchen by way of managing the larder and menu planning which I hope to take to the next step in my career. In an effort to test myself and reaffirm my passion for cooking I entered Salon Culinaire representing Mansion house and was one of three chefs to win a gold medal. For the last year I have been working at Maison Paul in Hoddesdon, my goal is to help make Maison Paul one of the finest eateries in Hertfordshire.

I am married to my wife Abi and have three children whom I cherish very much and place importance on their well being. I’m very much a family man and my hobbies include playing football, basketball and table tennis. I’m also heavily involved in my church and community and often interact with the youth and young adults and hope to be a positive influence on them

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me  and we hope to see you soon at Maison Paul Bistro Hoddesdon for some Joyful Dining